“Somewhere North” is originally a clause from and the title to a Caedmon’s Call song that has always had a way of moving me.  Over time “Somewhere North” has come to summarize the incredible and beautifully ironic way in which God’s providence has kept me smack dab in the middle of my own hometown, ministering and raising a family.

My roots lie here in the paradoxically paradisal, peninsular locale known as south Florida – a place geographically deeper south than the Deep South but culturally and ideologically far removed from the land of sweet tea and delta blues or any ready-made category for that matter.  As a result of my origin and initial failure to fully realize there is a bustling world even further south of me, east of me, and west of me – growing up I just assumed the future would inevitably call me north.  Somewhere north.  Might be north Florida, might be northern North America.  That was my original perspective and yet here I type, still a resident of this community – and that’s just dandy.


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